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Hey Everyone!
    Help keep us free and CUTE! As a new function you will now be able to donate for cute licensed patterns and clip art for our freebies. All donations will go towards more FREE PRETTY Printables! There are Loads of patters and clip art that I'd love to turn into Freebies for you guys and I want to do it the right way. There are always free patterns and images I can find but the cutest ones cost.

   When you donate you can specify which set you would like it to go to. AND you can donate any amount! I when there are no donations I will still create my regular functional Freebie, so don't feel obligate!

From each set I will create 3-5 pages.

  • Half/ Full Boxes
  • Functional
  • Washi
  • Decorational
  • Weekend / Day Banners

Donate at any Donate Button on the blog! Just Leave a note with your donation which images your donating for! :)

Thank You Gifts:

  • $3 - 1 sticker sheets (your choice of freebies from the blog)
  • $5 - 2 sticker sheets (your choice of freebies from the blog)
  • $15 - 6 Sticker sheets ( your choice of freebies from the blog) and 1 planner Paper or Magnet clip (chose at random depending on stock)

Wish List

   These are the next Sticker Kits that will be available after donations have paid for the images. You can Choose which one you would like to donate towards or if you like them all and don't have a preference you don't have choose and it your donation will go towards which ever set is closets to being paid for.

Oh Deer,


Shabby Floral


Golden Blush


coral & Navy


Vintage floral


Pretty Princesses


Weekend / Holiday / Bday Banners

Thank YOU from me and all the other viewers for helping us stay FREE and CUTE!

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