Monday, March 27, 2017

FREE Movie Night planner sicker printable

Hey guys,
   Heres another functional freebie for you guys! I love family movie night so I thought this would be the perfect functional to share! This printable is 1.5 wide and will fit almost any planner!  Remember to comment at the bottom of this page if you have any request, I dont get notifications for my drop box comments .If your interested in different planner layouts and sizes I need feedback in the comments, if i get enough request for a particular layout style, planner or size I will start to make freebies for that style or planner!

  What is your favorite Movie? Leave a comment at the end of the page! Mine are Van Helsing, Moana, and Inception, oh and Lucy!  OH!!! Yea and couples retreat lol. and Delivery Man!

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Click Here for the Movie Night Printable

Thanks to jessicasawyerlol on etsy for the clipart



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  1. If you can't stand crowd then for sure get to Chicago venues here early to start off your night. Our group did this just a few days ago and quaffed down some tasty beers and ciders before making our escape to further escapades in the city.