Sunday, January 29, 2017

Free Mardi Gras Planner Sticker Printable

    Hey So me and Monica from Monica Marvels are on a roll!! Here is another Collab . This is the same layout from the valentines day freebie but obviously Mardi Gras colors! This is the 1st of two Mardi Gras freebies I will be doing. I will have another mini kit with more fun patterns and pictures, as well as some functional Mardi Gras themed stickers as well!

  The Monthly like the valentine day is made for the Happy Planner and the weekly will work for most life planners with measurements of 1.5 x 2.5! The weekly is more of a Mini 1 page printable. This is my 1st monthly sheet so tell me what its missing and what you guts would like to see in monthly printables!

   Does any one celebrate Mardi Gras? Im 23 and I dont do much but i do want to go to new orleans next year for mardi gras. Leave a comment down below and let me know!

****Also alot of you leave comments on the drop box which I SUPER appreciate but I don't really get notifications when you do so if you could leave comments on the post I would appreciate it and be able to respond faster!

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Click Here for the Valentine's Day Printable  Page1 &  Page2


Monica Marvels

Monica Marvels 

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  1. Yay Mardi Gras printables!! I am a Louisiana resident so I have been all over looking for mardi gras stickers, there really arent many good options on etsy shops and free ones are about nonexistent so love this thank you!

  2. I just moved to la and mardis grass is huge here even in ms