Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Internship Stickers

    Hey for all my college and high school students I've created an Internship sticker printable! For those of you who don't know I'm going back to school to finish me AA in web design and Photography. I recently joined 2 Student Planner Facebook Groups and this was requested! So thank Alexdrandra for the request :) . These are sized perfect for any planner so I hope everyone enjoys!


     EXCITING NEWS!! I've got everything we need for plan with me's and reviews so...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

FREE Study Time Printable Planner Stickers

    Hey Everyone! Just some quick info, I'll be going back to school June 13th 2016 after almost 2 years taking off. I'll be done with a major in Web Design and as well as a Certificate in Photography. Since i'm going back to school I have to choose between the 3 ECLP's (Erin Condren Life Planners). I think the hourly will be good for work since i'm freelance, that way i can book my appointments. So that pretty much leave the Horizontal and the Vertical. Im not sure which one I want so ill be trying out both!

    But now to address the good news for all of you students and planners with kids in school :) I will now be sharing a series called Student Planners On A Budget. I will be sharing different student planners along with my reviews on them, Tips and Tricks for student planning, organization and studying. But more importantly Ill have Several Student themed printables available for you all! Starting with this High lighter Freebie! Some of these stickers will be geared for your planners and some will be versatile working with both your planners as well as notes!

Are any of you in school? If so are you in High School, College, or Grad. School? Let me know in the comments what planners you use and what type of stickers you'd like for your student planners!


     EXCITING NEWS!! I've got everything we need for plan with me's and reviews so...

FREE Night Out Planner Printable Stickers

            Hey guys, here's another simple free printable. Its a Date Night / Girls Night Out Printable. This one will be perfect to use in spreads as an accent even sticker! For those layouts that already have a lot going on or when you want to place this over a patterned or color sticker or washi. I thunk these will also be perfect for those of you that like a little color and a few cute stickers but dont want anything to flashy or over powering in your planners!

         Do you already have a Night Out planned for these stickers? If so let me know what your gonna use these for in the comments below!


      EXCITING NEWS!! I will have weekly plan with me's up COMING VERY SOON!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Free Heart Checklist Printable Planner Stickers

     Hey guys heres a little simple 3 heart checklist box along with littles! Ive got a whole list of about 150 (and counting) printables I wanna do for you all but with my wrist being outta commission for the time being I have to do the simple ones for now!
     This one is multicolor so that you can use these to go with the kits and simple layouts you have! I will be sharing a pattern and pastel version soon so be sure to subscribe so you get notification of when its live! I currently don't have a posting schedule because I don't know the good and bad days with my hand in advance. On good days I take some ibuprofen and try and knock 2-3 simple printables out so that I can keep up to date for you all!

If you love this but don't wanna cut all the pieces check out MY SHOP theres a kit you can purchase!

     Also EXCITING NEWS!! I got my camera, lights and everything I need to start my plan with me's ! So once i'm back to planning weekly I will have plan with me's to go with the printables!!

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How do you use you Heart "Littles"? Let me know in the comments!

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