Friday, February 26, 2016

St. Pattys Day Free Sticker Printable

     Hey Everyone! I was gifted some St. Pattys Day images, so me and Monica did another Collab.! If you subscribe you know I'm not much of a green girl, but these really were too cute to pass up! This 4 page weekly kit should be enough to create a no white space layout or 2 weekly spreads with white space. The boxes are 1.5 across like normal and the full boxes are Happy Planner size. If you use the EC, Plum Planner or any other life planner you should be able to simply trim a bit or to cover with you header stickers.

    And THANK YOU Monica! Ive been getting a lot of request for monthly stickers, I haven't had the time to measure and create monthly spreads yet, but Monica has! You can check out her blog Monica Marvels for the monthly pages! The colors and patterns match so they will look great together! She also has an etsy shop, we have a coupon code for her shop on the Etsy Shop Codes Page!

Donate at any Donate Button on the blog! Just Leave a note with your donation which images your donating for! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Betsy Inspired Free Sticker Printable

      Hey Everyone :) Ive had my eye one these babies for a while! With the help of a donation from Theresa I was able to create this beauty! This pretty n pink kit reminds me of Betsy Johnson Betsyvill! If you subscribe or follow any of my social media you know im a pink kinda girl :) This is a 4 page kit with washi, boxes, functional stickers, and clip art. The sizes are made for the Happy Planner, but will work for the Erin Condren, Limelife, Plum Planner and most other planners with 1.5"inch width boxes.

     I was sooo excited creating these I cant wait to print and cut mine! Because I am a pink kinda girl a lot of my other printables will still match if there's anything you feel like your missing! I would LOVE to see what you guys do with these so PLEASE take pics and tag me!

 What do you guys think of this Kit? I'd love your feedback in the comments!

If you love this but don't wanna cut all the pieces check out MY SHOP theres a kit you can purchase!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Free Ice Cream Printable Planner Stickers

     Hey Guys So lets give BIG thank you to Trina for her donation! Her Donation has given me the materials needed to create this freebie for you guys!
      I changed the layout so it wasn't so messy, compared to the last freebie Lemonade Stand. You still get the same number of pages and pretty much the same stickers as before. The width of the boxes are 1.5" inches wide and the full boxes are 2" inches long. Making these ideal for the Happy and Erin Condren Planners. But don't think if your using a different planner your left out a lot of the stickers will fit most planners and can very easily be trimmer. I had fun making this one for you all, Hope you all enjoy!

If you love this but don't wanna cut all the pieces check out MY SHOP theres a kit you can purchase! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pink Lemonade Stand Printable Stickers

     Hey Guys! Super Excited to Post this!! This is the 1st Kit that was created from our donation!! I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Danita for donating! Thanks to her this printable is free for all :). I will offer Printed version of this one email me comment below if your interested and ill give you all the info :)

     I worked for HOURS on this kit! I know all the shapes and patterns might feel overwhelming but I wanted to be sure that I got everything you could need to do a few weeks with this spread :) This is missing the Weekend Banners and Icons but you can use the ones from my previous Printables or now. Im working on redesigning the style of them. Weekend Banners & Icons .

This has become my #2 favorite printable under my #BOSSGIRL printable :) hope you guys love it too!!

Whats your favorite Lemonade flavor? Mine is Raspberry Lemonae and my husband is Blueberry Lemonade lol.  Let me know in the comments!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Simple Free Printable Icons

      Hey guys, I had a feeling some of you guys might like a simple icons freebie. These are simple and multicolor so they should match with most spreads. They are also perfectly sized to fit in any planner! I love the multi-colors and I hope you all do too :)

  Just wanted to let everyone know we have a new DONATE page in the blog! ALL Donations go to bettering the blog, but for the moment Donations are going towards Digital Papers and Clip art to create Licensed CUTE Free Printables!

   Donations of any size are GREATLY APPRECIATED! Donations $3.00+ come with Sticker Thank You Gifts.

Visit the Donate page to see our wish list and purchased kits!

Thank YOU from me and all the other viewers for helping us stay FREE and CUTE!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Free Work / Off tags Sticker Printable

Hey Everyone!
   Im a stay at home wife for the time being, but I know most of you are working girls! So I came up with a sticker printable for you guys! I created work / Off tags that you can put at the top of each page or under headers to mark your work schedule for each day. I created 2 color schemes, a bright and a warm set! I love the bright set, but the warm set is also nice, it would be great for fall! These will work for ANY planner so hope you all enjoy!

What Jobs/ Careers are you guys in?
Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Planning for Happyness Shop Review

Hey Guys!
   So I've been ordering stickers from planner shops to review for you guys! When I select a shop I have a have a few things in mind, Price, Quality, and Customer Serivce!

     Heather owner of Planning for Happyness is GREAT!! I met her by chance when looking for a Capre Diem Planner, She sells the planners on her Etsy, but after checking out her shop I also fell INLOVE with her Stickers!! There are very cute and vibrant! She offers 3 finishes, Matte , Matte repositionable, and Glossy! Her shop is the first shop i've purchased stickers from. I choose Glossy for most sticker but decided I should try out matte and matte repositionable so I could give her whole shop a review for you guys! 

She is very sweet and gave me a coupon code for you guys!
 its PICKETT25 25% off $15.00+

Heather will be selling clips soon as well! she is also looking for a PR team :D info. will be posted on her insta. soon!

My Review:::
Color: Vibrant (especially the glossy!)
Quality: Nice quality, Thick
Price: Great, $4-$5 for full sized sheets
Shipping: Pretty good, 3 days processing shipped in a flat rate box/ envelope
Customer Service: Amazing!
Custom Orders: Yes, As Requested

My stickers :) 



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Monday, February 8, 2016

Girl Boss Free Printable Stickers

Hey guys!
     I made these for myself a while ago! A lot of you asked for a free printable version of it! This is more a decoration page but paired with some of my other functional stickers you could create a full weeks spread! Dint forget to add Washi! I got all my Washi from Whitts Washi ! Each washi sample is only .25! I made my all time fav. spread with these I'd love to see what you guys do with them!

If you love this but don't wanna cut all the pieces check out MY SHOP theres a kit you can purchase!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Easter Free Printable Sticker Kit

     Hey guys! Im trying to get on more of a schedule, with that being said Some days there wont be a post, but I will try my best to get at least 5 of the 6 days posted! Ive been working on several post at a time so that I can schedule them ahead of time incase I get to busy to get on the computer that day!

Monday ::: Requested Printables
Tuesday ::: Tutorials (DIY)
Wednesday ::: Wonderful Printable  Kits
Friday ::: Functional Friday
Saturdays ::: Plan With Me
Sunday ::: Shop Spotlights

 This schedule we be effective Sunday, Feb. 7th, 2016.

   Now on to what you've all came to see, The Easter Freebie! As a kid I loved Easter Sunday!! We would go to church, then have a big BBQ and Egg Hunt after! My favorite part would be decorating the eggs! Now as an adult my favorite thing to do after church is to create free Easter themed printables :) .

Whats your favorite thing about Easter?
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Mail Printable Functional Stickers

   Hey Guys, Decided to make this Free Printable for you guys! I use these Happy Mail envelopes at the top on all my outgoing mail as well as in my planner when I'm expecting Happy mail! Sometimes I use the "Send Happy Mail" Sticker to remind me when to go to the post office, The other colorful envelopes and package rectangles I made today just for you guys! They all turned out sooo Cute i'll be using the new ones as well! Hope you guys enjoy!

Are you guys expecting any Happy Mail Soon? What will you use these for in your planners? I'd Love to know! Comment Below to share :)

Functional TV Printable Stickers


     Hey guys, This free printable was requested but I needed to print some off for my self  as well! A lot of us watch our favorite shows faithfully, and some of those shows have season premiers coming up or have recently started or we just want to keep track of what days we binge watch TV and Netflix!
   I use my large TV's for monthly and put one at the top of the week day that the show comes on, I use a Papermate Pen to write the show in the tv itself. Then for the small boxes I use those for the weekly view/ spread. I write the show in the box but I also write the time in the little mini TV. I love both and hope that they are helpful for you guys as well!

What shows are you guys tracking!? Let me know in the comments below!