Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Planning for Happyness Shop Review

Hey Guys!
   So I've been ordering stickers from planner shops to review for you guys! When I select a shop I have a have a few things in mind, Price, Quality, and Customer Serivce!

     Heather owner of Planning for Happyness is GREAT!! I met her by chance when looking for a Capre Diem Planner, She sells the planners on her Etsy, but after checking out her shop I also fell INLOVE with her Stickers!! There are very cute and vibrant! She offers 3 finishes, Matte , Matte repositionable, and Glossy! Her shop is the first shop i've purchased stickers from. I choose Glossy for most sticker but decided I should try out matte and matte repositionable so I could give her whole shop a review for you guys! 

She is very sweet and gave me a coupon code for you guys!
 its PICKETT25 25% off $15.00+

Heather will be selling clips soon as well! she is also looking for a PR team :D info. will be posted on her insta. soon!

My Review:::
Color: Vibrant (especially the glossy!)
Quality: Nice quality, Thick
Price: Great, $4-$5 for full sized sheets
Shipping: Pretty good, 3 days processing shipped in a flat rate box/ envelope
Customer Service: Amazing!
Custom Orders: Yes, As Requested

My stickers :) 



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  1. Love your blog and designs. I have a folder I save them in. Still trying to learn how to use my silhouette slowly, lol. Also, entered coupon code above and when you add it to cart it says $15. min instead of $10. Just wanted to let you know, so you or she can adjust post. Thanks for sharing, Debbie

    1. Great! Im glad you like them! I have a silhouett portrait and my printer doesnt reach the ends of the pages very well so I have to use the eraser to eraser some things sometimes. But it all depends on your cut area. But most of my viewers dont have cutting machines so I try to fill the page so those who use label paper can get the most outta each page. and SORRY about that! Ill update the coupon, and double check with her to be sure its my fault not her accident! :) But I love Her stickers!! Hope you were able to use the code still :)