Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Washi Giveaway!

    Hey everyone!
          So Ive been completely obsessed with Washi  Tape lately! I started off with about 3, and was contempt, Id purchase a new one here and there if there where cute and $1. The most I ever spent on washi was $2.00 for scotch black and white stripped washi, and that was to decorate for my Chanel themes Baby Shower!
      I recently installed the Facebook groups app, so I see all of my groups feed a lot more, and with all the new washi releases from Michaels, Target, and Mambi, I can officially say I'm a Washi Tape Addict!

     My main Enabler these last two weeks has been Whittney from Whitts Washi and Such!  She's AMAZE!! She has TONS of washi tape samples and even some full rolls! The best thing about Whitts Washis Shop is that the samples are all .25 for 24" ... Yes you read right! .25 for 2 feet of Gorgeous Washi Samples!
     My first order from Whittney was 4 full gold rolls, and 2 samples of gold pineapple washi and I absolutely love them! I recently ordered valentines day washi, and when ever i'm in search or a particular washi I go to her first! I just let her know what colors, or patterns i'm looking for, if she doesn't have she can normally get it!
 Whittney's my #1 Washi Shop! I asked her if she would be interested in doing a giveaway for your guys and she agreed! Im super excited that you 1 of you guys will be getting some washi samples from her!  She has graciously offered to give the lucky winner 8 Gold Washi Tape Samples!


Giveaway Rules:
1. You must follow both of us on Instagram and tag 2 friends in the giveaway picture!
Me ( @planner.PICKETT ) Whittney ( @whitts_plan )
2.  No private accounts!
3. Like the Giveaway Insta Pic.

1 winner will be chosen at random! this is a 3 day giveaway! GOOD LUCK!!

Subscribe . Like . Comment! Whats your most used wahi? Which from the giveaway do you LOVE?!



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  1. I love your blog and adore all of your printables, but I felt the need to tell you that I will no longer be using any of them or coming to your blog anymore because every time I click on something it brings up pop ups and viruses and those "call this number to remove spyware and virus" scam things. I'm sure this isn't your fault but I felt you should know so you can look into why this is happening on your page.

    1. im very sorry for your problems! i will look into it and report to the ad company, thank you for letting me know!