Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pretty Pattern Planners - Free Printable

 Hey everyone!
    So today is a special day, we have reached 100k+ views! I decided to post my baby lol. This Pretty Planner page is my #1 favorite sticker page. I worked hard on making the planners and getting all the perfect patterns and boxes. This is pretty much the main page I used when I first started decorating my planner! I love these so much I was hesitant to sell and post them. I didn't want anyone to take credit or sell them. Now that our blog is getting more none, it would be a lot harder for someone to sell them as there own. I always give these out then I do giveaways but I figure its time to share with all my subbies and viewers. Since we've now reached 100k views plus Im ready to share my pride and joy with you guys lol!

    The only thing is I do ask that if you use these PLEASE tag me on Instagram @planner.PICKETT and if you have pinterest please pin this. Or Just Share, Share, Share this page :) My goal is to have this page shared 10k times to mark our 100k views :)

           Whats your favorite pattern, and whats your favorite planner from this sheet?



Click Here for the Pretty Planner Pattern Free Printable

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  1. Thank you so much!! As always, I love your printables, and I appreciate you sharing for free!! I already shared on instagram :) I tagged you too. If I could have one request it would just be to stay a tiny, tiny bit more away from the sides... I am new to the silhouette, and I am converting to cut files and when I add registration marks your images are right at the edge so the sides may or may not cut... but please dont get me wrong, I really appreciate all your hard work!! Thank you!

    1. hey tina! thanks for sharing and supporting the blog! im so happy you enjoy my printables! the reason I make the printables close to the edge is because the majority of my viewers handcut so I want to make sure all the planners on a budget get the most use out of there paper. When I take mine into silhouette I usually end up editing the pages because I cant move my registration marks to the end because my printer doesnt reach that far. What I suggest is shrink the page a bit, or use your eraser tool to erase the stickers that go over the reg. marks. Maybe in the future when the blog is a bit more know Ill offer both handcut and silhouette files, but now I dont really have the extra time to make both files. Thanks for your suggestions! Ill deff. consider them when I have more time to create double files!