Monday, January 18, 2016

Candyland Valentines Day freebie

Hey guys, I made a Candy Land Valentines day Free printable!

    Hope this helps you guys decorate a cute and colorful spread. Although its Valentines day themed you can use it just for a Candy Land theme any time of the year. Last year my daughters birthday was Candy Land theme but I wasnt in the planner community yet, this would have been a perfect theme for her birthday week. Recently i've been using pretty much just black, white, pink and gold stickers, but I made this one colorful for you guys! If everything goes as planned i'll be adding a functional page soon to match with flags, checklist, and teardrops. So be sure to subscribe so you get an email when its live!

   I did not create the clipart myself, I google searched the images and patters to create this freebie for you guys. I edited the sizes and shapes so they would fit the planners better :)
   What do you guys have planned for Valentines day? I was thinking ill do movie night with my hunnies :)

Click Here or the picture for the Candy Land Valentines day Printable
Page 1  &  Page 2

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  1. Oh! So amazing! I would love the functional stickers as well! How cute!

    1. Thanks Laura! :) I mentioned in the post if I have extra time ill go back and make a functional page. Its just that these layouts normally take 1.5-3 hours, picking a theme and color scheme, finding images ( I pull in bulk 100+ images then pick ones that go best together),editing images, resizing, creating new stickers, putting together the layout, changing colors, test printing, then sometimes going back to edit. Plus writing and sharing post. After 2 pages im normally over that specific theme, so this time I was just done for the day. But Im going to try really hard to get some matching functional stickers to match before the month is over, If your subscribed youll get an email when its live. Also if your ready to use now you can mix and match some of the other printables I know I have some similar colors in my other spread that might work! Hope this helps and thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Replies
    1. glad you like them!! I think their so cute lol! thanks for the comment and support