Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free Weekend Printable Stickers

    Hey Guys! Im excited to Release these! I made some colorful weekend banners for you guys! I did several pages in a bunch of different fonts! I have Pinks, purple, yellow, orange, green, gray and a few other colors! These are all about 3inches so they are geared for the Happy Planner, But I have used them myself in my EC on top of full boxes and over headers, its all how you use them!

   Most of my fonts are for personal use only meaning no commercial! So as always these are 100% free but please do not resell any! Alot of the fonts I used are from Hope you guys enjoy these! If you post pictures PLEASE tag me!

If you love this but don't wanna cut all the pieces check out MY SHOP theres a kit you can purchase!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dreaming of BOHO free sticker printable


    Hey Everyone :)
  So Here is a BoHo Themed Printable, The name is the Purple Elephant. I love this theme and the style, I printed this right away and was super excited to use it!
  This layout is made for the Happy Planner but can very easily be trimmed to fit the Erin Condren Planner, Limelife, Kikki K. and any other life planner! I chose a purple color scheme, with Bohemien patterns, this functional layout includes Headers, Heart Checklist, Flaggs, Functional Circles, Full and Half boxes and Hexagons!
   This sheet should enough to create a full weekly spread! Hope you guys Enjoy!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Free Planner Stickers

Hey guys!
   So Me and Monica planned a Super Bowl spread for you guys! Unfortunately I'm a Patriots Fan and a SORE LOOSER! LOL!! So I only did 1 page I had no inspiration lol :p I did my best hope  you guys like this spread!  Also, my wrist is fractured so I have one hand to use... But mostly that my team isn't going to the Super Bowl this year lol!!


Friday, January 22, 2016

What a Wonderful Day Sticker Printable

Hey Guys!
    So here is a freebie for Freebie Friday! Its a tumblr inspire spread with full and half boxes, functional circles, and headers. I made this layout with no decor page because I think this would be a great spread with just washi :). Of chourse it wont look bad with decoration stickers, I just had a washi / tumblr inspired idea.
   Hope you guys like these! All these pictures are from Tumblr and Google search. I edited, resized, and change colors to match this theme.

    check out MY SHOP theres a kit you can purchase!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pretty Pattern Planners - Free Printable

 Hey everyone!
    So today is a special day, we have reached 100k+ views! I decided to post my baby lol. This Pretty Planner page is my #1 favorite sticker page. I worked hard on making the planners and getting all the perfect patterns and boxes. This is pretty much the main page I used when I first started decorating my planner! I love these so much I was hesitant to sell and post them. I didn't want anyone to take credit or sell them. Now that our blog is getting more none, it would be a lot harder for someone to sell them as there own. I always give these out then I do giveaways but I figure its time to share with all my subbies and viewers. Since we've now reached 100k views plus Im ready to share my pride and joy with you guys lol!

    The only thing is I do ask that if you use these PLEASE tag me on Instagram @planner.PICKETT and if you have pinterest please pin this. Or Just Share, Share, Share this page :) My goal is to have this page shared 10k times to mark our 100k views :)

           Whats your favorite pattern, and whats your favorite planner from this sheet?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Habits

Let me start with saying I know Habits is spelled wrong here lol!
   Heres a Free Printable for those of you who want to track weekly habits! I made mine only pink, black and yellow, but I know you guys like colors so I made a full page of colorful ones for you guys! Hope you like them!

Candyland Valentines Day freebie

Hey guys, I made a Candy Land Valentines day Free printable!

    Hope this helps you guys decorate a cute and colorful spread. Although its Valentines day themed you can use it just for a Candy Land theme any time of the year. Last year my daughters birthday was Candy Land theme but I wasnt in the planner community yet, this would have been a perfect theme for her birthday week. Recently i've been using pretty much just black, white, pink and gold stickers, but I made this one colorful for you guys! If everything goes as planned i'll be adding a functional page soon to match with flags, checklist, and teardrops. So be sure to subscribe so you get an email when its live!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Purple Birthday Free Printable

           Hey guys! So today is my Bestfriend / God Sisters Birthday! Her favorite color is purple so I thought i'd make you guys a purple birthday free printable! There are all times of sizes, full boxes, markers and decorative stickers! I looooove pretty cupcakes so I made a few of the full boxes cupcapkes :D Whats you favorite cupcake?

     These are all clip art that I found on google, I just resized and put them on a layout so you can easily print and cut! Hope you enjoy! Do we have any January Birthdays out there!? Comment and leet me know your birthday and you favorite colors :)
Friday, January 15, 2016

Meal Prep Free Printable Stickers

     Hey guys, Im back again. Monica Marvels has been posting a buncha freebies for her freebie Friday so I thought Id cave to peer pressure and jump on the band wagon lol! I was gonna save these for tomorrow, but I guess Ill be posting today now :p

      With my new blog Launching i'm going to be Posting on Plus Size Fashion, but also My Health & Weight loss Journey. Not too long ago I posted FREE WORKOUT stickers. They weren't half as cute just functional because at the time i was planning on reopening my shop and I wanted to sell the pretty ones. Recently I decided to only sell Special Order Custom Stickers and for my viewers who wanted to purchase my freebies printed and cut.
    As a result all the stickers I planned to sell will now be offered as free printables and available for purchase as printed stickers. To Order just email planner.pickett@gmail, all orders processed via Paypal.

Pretty Flags and Teardrops Free Sticker Freebie

     Hey Everyone!! Have you guys missed me? I've missed you guys :) Ive been working on the blog, and doing research and prepping for my new lifestyle blog launch :) Im super excited to announce that @pinkpickett (the blog) will be launching Feb. 1st!

       I decided to make my shop a "Made To Order Shop". All My shop stickers will be offered as freebies, and you can pay for printed/cut versions. Here are my newest and current favorite Flags and Teardrop Stickers! I love the Bright Floral and the Geometric flags the most! I hope you guys like them as much as I do! They are small so theater your using the ECLP , Happy Planner, Plum Planner, Limelife, Day Designers or any other pretty planner these Pretty Patter Stickers can be used to beautify you spread!

Lifestyle Blog Launch

Hey Guys,
     Some of you may have noticed and for those of you who haven't were on a new web address :) ! Im excited that were doing bigger and better things! Were reaching 1300k views daily! We will be having a exciting giveaway soon, and I'm re-opening the planner shop soon :) .  Which is the main reason I haven't posted in a week! I miss you guys, but i have so much going on getting the blog together and...
     One of the other exciting things is that i've decided to start a lifestyle blog :) I'm super excited, the main reason is because in these few months of blogging I've learned how much I LOVE blogging! Its pretty addictive, I check my views, comments, social media several times a day just to check and see whats going on! So I finally took the plunge to start a new blog! Ive been doing ALOT of research and pre-planning for my launch! I want to be legit, informative, entertaining, and the go to blog. Ill be sharing on my weight loss journey, fashion fun, reviews, and diy projects.
   Hope to see some of you guys there! Ill be Launching Feb. 1st, if your subscribed now, you'll get an email notice when were up and running!

Plan for our Launch :)
Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Washi Giveaway!

    Hey everyone!
          So Ive been completely obsessed with Washi  Tape lately! I started off with about 3, and was contempt, Id purchase a new one here and there if there where cute and $1. The most I ever spent on washi was $2.00 for scotch black and white stripped washi, and that was to decorate for my Chanel themes Baby Shower!
      I recently installed the Facebook groups app, so I see all of my groups feed a lot more, and with all the new washi releases from Michaels, Target, and Mambi, I can officially say I'm a Washi Tape Addict!