Monday, November 30, 2015


Hey Guys
     Heres my newest Sticker Printable! Hope you guys like this page! This is a personal page I made to match my Chanel themed Baby Shower. I do offer this page for sale but I added a few things and decided to make it a freebie for you guys! I included some Hexagons, heart checklist, boxes full and half, and my special treat coffee and mini planners! :)
     This pink, black and white set should help you guys to decorate you weekly and monthly planners! If your using the Erin Condren Life Planner, The Happy Planner, PlumPlanner, limelife, filofax, kiki k. and most daily planners these should be pretty universal and
Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lets Get Fit Together!!

Hey Guys!
    With the new year coming soon I know a lot of us are planning on getting in shape. For me having my daughter in September and my 1st just a year in a half before I didnt really have much time to get fit the way I wanted to. Now that I have more free time with the support of you guys I hope to get back on track! I made Challenge, Meal Prep, Workout Tracker and Hydrate stickers that I will share with you guys. I will post solid colors and will be selling printed pattern matching sticker sets!

  Also with the arrival of the fitness planner from MAMBI ( Me and My Big Ideas) I think this is the perfect time to share :) If you have a gym membership, kids, bill of any kind I know it can be hard to keep up with all the beautiful stickers offered on Etsy which is why I not only sell discounted stickers I also offer them for free to you guys! And feel free to REQUEST FREE STICKER PRINTABLE PAGES! I make these for you guys! I want to know what you guys want, and I love feedback!

  I will be posting pictures and blogging more as well! My goal is to loose 80lbs in 6 months it will not be easy but thats why its a challenge and thats why I'm asking my fellow planner buddies and the planner community to join me in my Fitness Challenge! I will host monthly giveaways for the sticker themes I'm using for the month on my instagram so follow me to keep up with my layout and for info on the giveaways!

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Heres a link on how to make your own sticker at home

Click Here for the Squat Challenge Sticker Page

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Winter Part I

Hey Guys!
    I know I was supposed to upload the Peanuts Part II but I saw these these penguins and FELL INLOVE! I also figure I can get more traffic if I leave you guys in suspense so I will release all of the Part Ones first this week and next week I'll be adding all of Part II's Starting next Monday! I hope you #plannersONaBUDGET can use these to make your planners as creative and beautiful as your hearts desire! :)
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Peanuts Part I

    Hey everyone, im working on a winter serious that will include a 2 pages each spread for: The Peanuts , Disney, WinterWonderland!

     This is the 1st page of the peanuts FREE PLANNER PRINTABLE STICKERS! There are some boxes and just plain characters for you guys! The next page will be check list, flags, half boxes and more! If your interested in downloading all the pages from this series Subscribe1 :)

  Remember im trying to get my Printables more popular on pinterest so please Share via PINTEREST and Facebook! I would really appreciate it! The more view I get and more pins the more I will post! 

All the FREEBIES I post here for you guys I do because im a #PlannerOnABudget and I think everyone should be able to create beautiful weekly spreads in there planners regardless on if they can afford Etsy and Michaels stickers or not! All the stickers in this series were chosen by you guys! Please Leave Comments and let me
Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Free Sticker Printable

Free Christmas Printable

Hey guys its been months, I had baby Aydin and had a few family emergencies but here is a new Free Sticker Printable! Its a simple Christmas page to decorate your planners for the holidays! Enjoy and please remember to SHARE via FACEBOOK and PINTEREST. Please share the link to the page and not the files! Thanks!

** Im trying to get my sticker printables more popular on Pinterest so please share this page on you Pinterest boards if you download them, I would be VERY grateful! 

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