Friday, December 18, 2015

Upcycle Your Old Planner Pages :)


 Hey guys this isn't a freebie More of a review/ Tutorial for something I tried that just happen to be the best thing in my plannerAddict life lol. I was sitting wanting to work on my blog but my happy mail with my kiki k. inserts hadn't arrived yet, and I was out of blog inserts. Ive been having SOOO much to do trying to get my blog "Legit" the way I want it, that I simply count not take waiting any longer!

As Dramatic as I could I pulled out my EC and Happy Planner, Decided I wanted to use an old page and do a page of just check list, originally I was going to do a row for each day like most spreads but dedicated for check list, then I thought about it and realized that I wasn't sure of the dates everything was going to get done. So I decided to just use the whole page for 1 week and ...BAMB! best use of an old planner page I could think of!


How Did I Do It?! step by step


1. I stated by covering the dates with white label paper (you can use whiteout or just wash over If you like).
2. I Cover the tops and bottom of the page with washi.
3.  I used blank half boxes cut them in half (because I didn't have any header size boxes in the right colors). I cover the headers so I could relabel them.
4. Next I designed a few pages of colored hearts and hexagons to check off And put them down as I though of things that needed to be done. I considered heart checklist flags but some of the things I needed to do would take up more than 1 heart, and I wanted to put the "check off boxes" where ever I needed.
5. I put a few task down and realized I wanted to separate a few things, My post ideas and Media Kit that i'm going to start working on. After putting all the task I could think of I still had two empty boxes at the bottom so I put threw in a Next Week section.
6. Boomb! My weekly To Do List was done and Perfect!

I thought this was the first time ive ever seen planners used like this so I shared with a few of my fb groups and instagram I got great feedback and decided to do a post explaining how and why I did it :)

This can be used for more than just todo's you can make Checklist with your old pages for any running task that you do weekly, even cut off two "days" and move the page as you go weekly for ongoing task!. Pictures is two ways of utilizing old unused planner pages :) Use in your Erin Condren Planners , filofax planners , mambi happy planners , color crush planners, limelife , custom inserts and more!



** Im trying to get my sticker printables more popular on Pinterest so please share this page on you Pinterest boards if you download them, I would be VERY grateful! 


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  1. It says I didnt comment??? But I did....I really appreciate this and your blog...Was wondering if you were planning on doing any with purple them, or Erin Condren monthly colors?? Are your printables for HP or EC? And the typos I mentioned are first paragraph last line - you said count instead of could...and then first instruction step spell check probably took the "I" off washi :)

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing and commenting! I replied to your other comment via fb.