Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rubber Duckie Your The One!

Hey guys,

   I was in need of some bath stickers for the baby. Thought some of you could use some too! These are functional and super cute, if I do say so myself! I added some matching boxes that you can write in with the rubber duckeis. These are made to fit all planners, Erin Condren Life Planners, Happy Planners, Limelife Planners,  Day Planners, and any other planners you gal's might have. I chose 3 colors that might be able to match with layouts for those of you that are like me and need your weekly spreads to coordinate!

    I really appreciate those of you who have been sharing your layouts on Instagram and Facebook! I love to see the creativity you guys come up with! Share away, just remember to send them to this page, please don't share the printable itself!

   Those of you that are new here check out the Free Printable Page, but all the stickers are not there you can go back on the main page a few ages and you'll find some really cute ones!

   I'm a #plannerOnAbudget so I make these for you girls that can relate, and you guys that have went over your monthly budget on etsy stickers! All plannerGiRLS should be able to decorate and organize regardless of money! If you are in need of any stickers in particular please don't be shy, comment and let me know what you need! I do get a lot of request and I write them down and get to them one at a time, but I do try to get to all of the!

    On my stickers I accidentally printed them too small so the printables are a bit larger it still super cute!! Here is my week in my happy planner show me your!

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** Im trying to get my sticker printables more popular on Pinterest so please share this page on you Pinterest boards if you download them, I would be VERY grateful! 

                Remember please share (the link not the file), like, comment and subscribe for more planner printables!  All printables are for personal use only!! Thank You!


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