Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pens, Pens, Pens Review!

     Hey guys, just wanted to share some of my most used pens with you guys! I don't have the largest pen collection by far but I do have a few brands in a few different colors :)

( please excuse the spelling for Staedtler, I'm dyslexic and the pic was too cute to redo) 

My Top Pens:

#1: Staedtler Fineliners ! I love these pens there .3mm tip, felt tip with a large range of colors! I have two sets, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 10 pc, and the Staedtler Fineliner 20pc. Both sets include black, red and blue in the same shades, but the rest of the colors pinks, yellows, greens are in different shades so if you buy more than one set you wont get too many repeat colors! They don't bleed and are great for stickers gloss and matte!

#2: Sharpie fine point Pens ! I love these, they are .3mm and write pretty! I bought the 4 pack of pastel kinda colors and a black. There no bleed and they come in a few selections of quantity. 2pk, 4p, 6pk and I believe a 10pk.  The Sharpie Fine Point Pens are great for writing on your pages, washi, as well as matte and gloss stickers! There felt tip ave very pretty!

#3: Write Dudes, Infinity Fine Tip Pens ! There not pictured because they came up missing after my baby shower :( But these are great! Very hard to find, Target has them but there always out of stock at my Target, and they are available inline but only to purchase and pick up in store. They are also the cheaper of the Pens there $5.44 at Target about $12 on Amazon.  I love them but after paying $5 for them I cant pay more than double on Amazon! If I never found them so cheap at target I would say there worth $10 - $12 no question. But I'm a #plannerOnaBudget so I'm determined to buy them for the lowest price. They come in an 8pk with a variety of neon colors. They are number 3 on my list only because they only come in one size pack and EXTREMELY hard to find! But price wise and Quality there for sure #1!
( note: Pictured below are the write dudes gel pens only $3-$4, come in pretty colors but don't write well. )

#4: Pentel RSVP Pens ! Those are my ALL TIME FAVORITE everyday pen! I keep 2 in my purse, 1 in my planner, a few packs aside and when in school there always my pen of chose. My favorite thing about this pen is that they are fine tip, EXTREMELY smooth, and come in black, green, red and PURPLE!! The purple RSVP pen has been my favorite pen to take notes and write in my planners since 9th grade! These pens do smudge on glossy surfaces I only use these in my planners when writing straight in the page or white matte surfaces. They come single, 2pk, 4pk and at office supply stores 12-24pk. Great for not only planners but, work, school and everyday use!

#5 : Target Dollar Spot Ball Point Pens . These write pretty, they have a pretty fine tip and at 2 for $1 you cant really go wrong! I use these on my plain planner pages. Although the RSVP Pens are my go to pen, I these are my second choice! I use these over my RSVP when I just feel like having a pretty pen in my hand! Because they are from the Dollar Spot Collection they come in very pretty patterns and colors! Im not a fan of the dollar spot get pens though, below is a sample test of how they wright, one layer. They are pretty especially the gold and silver but they don't write well.

( Target pen photo credit: Julie from The Redolent Mermaid )
  Like to thank Icy for these wonderful page inserts, this was a test print page. But there a5 Custom design Printable Inserts! I love Icy she's super talented and has great customer service! I will have a Post reviewing her pages soon! So be on the lookout! And check out her Etsy Shop!

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    ( please excuse the spelling for Staedtler I'm dyslexic and the pic was too cute to redo)
Disclaimer: I was not paid to review any of these pens and I'm not sponsored by any of these companies. I bought all these pens with my own money and use them often not only for blog post purposes.



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  1. My favourites are the Sharpie Fine Tip No Bleed!!! LOOOOVE them. I also like the FriXion Pens ... they write really nice as well and they are erasable if you make a mistake with no smudge or damage to the page.

    1. I looked for them for like 2 months! Couldnt find them do thats wheb i tried the infinity pens! I would be inlove with the papermate if they made pretty colors in fine tip.

    2. Best place to get FriXion pens are on Amazon! $12 for an 8 pack of different colors. I LOVE those pens!