Monday, December 7, 2015

Keep Warm and Drink Coco

Hey Guys,
     Here is one of the most requested Winter Themes from all my Facebook groups!

        Its a Hot Coco Sticker Page, I did two different color schemes for people who want to use the pages for several weekly spreads. This two page spread includes decorative and functional stickers, All sized boxes, size bars, and more. The two themes include Warm Winter (green and red) and Bright Snow (pink, turquoise, and purple).  I think you guys will like both, I personally LOVE both!  Now even thought its hot coco I think it focuses a bit more on Marshmallows! I mean who doesn't love marshmallows in there Hot Coco! Some of the checkoff boxes are pretty small I did that because some of you like me write small and want to be able to fit a lot in one box.
     I love the different size boxes with the marshmallows, they are SOOOO adorable, they will go over your boxes a bit but they were designed that way!

    One thing
I do need to give credit to Google Images the images are not my own I resized and edited most of them but the originals are used from a Google search.

Now I didn't print a set for myself because Ive been printing a lot of sticker samples and there are a lot of other ones i'm going to be printing. Sorry I don't have any pictures of how I use these myself, but I would still LOVE to see what you guys come up with!

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Click Here for Hot CoCo I  & Hot CoCo II



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