Monday, December 7, 2015

Gold Page Flags! YAY

Hey Guys!
     So I was in need of some page flags and Target never has any good ones if they have any at all! Then when you find the cutest ones, they don't fit exactly and the fall off TOO EASY! This is just the 1st of the series of Page Flags!
    For this 1st page I used Gold I absolutely Love Gold and white, Pink and Black! I love the together in fact my business cards are Gold, White, Pink and Black and I am in love with them! Im a graphic Designer and a Blogger so Thats kind of my brand. Even though my blog layout doesn't showcase them all to well. I haven't been able to find the perfect Blog layout and i'm always too busy to work on it myself... Anyways Im obviously off subject :) ... 
    I think think these Page flags will be perfect for you guys! I use them I go through about a page a week so far between my home/fitness planner, my blog planner, and my
Everything Planner. 

     Thank you SOOOO MUCH to those of you who have been sharing your layouts on Instagram and Facebook! I always get SUPER HAPPY when I get a notification saying I was tagged! ENJOY!!!

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Here's My Business Cards by the way :) Im proud of them can you tell :D


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Click Here for the Gold Page Flag Printable


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  1. I love all the gold ones you make. Thank you so much!