Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bible Verses

Hey Guys as most of you know i'm a bible believing christian! I haven't posted any christian related stickers in a while I thought you guys might like these. I got the images from Google Image search and added inspiring bible verses! These can be used to decorate you planners, notebooks, inspire you, and just remind you of how Good God is! Hope you guys enjoy!

And remember these free printables are for personal use only! If you share please direct them here! And if you post pictures please tag me!! facebook #plannerPICKETT ~ instagram @planner.PICKETT

Heres a link for some bible study stickers as well as some of my functional christian stickers!


  1. OMG i never comment on blogs but yours is just too amazing i had to do it.I am a student and i struggle to buy the planner stickers ,your site is a saving Grace may God truly bless you.Once i use them i will give credit and direct people to your blog.Thank you very much XX

    1. Thank you so much I appreciate the comments let's me know people are actually using the freebies! Makes my day every time!! and I understand that's how I started making freebies I couldn't afford any planner stickers or even a planner other than the Happy planner because of the 60% off coupon! Your very welcome glad to be of help!