Thursday, December 31, 2015

Everday I'm Hustl'in Freebie

Hey Guys,
   I needed some cute payday and bill due stickers to match my planner, they turned out so cute I had to turn them into a Free Sticker Printable for you guys! My blog planner is Gold, Pink, Black and White so thats the sticker color scheme! These can be used for The Erin Condren Life Planner, Happy Planner, Kikki K. inserts and more! Im using them in my EC and Happy Planner now, but when my a5 planner arrives I will be using them in my custom inserts! The size for the boxes are 1.5" inches so they will work in any pages with boxes that size!

   These are my personal printed version, but the freebie listed has a full page so you get as many as possible from your paper! You can use them to mark payday, bills due, money saved and more!
    We will be converting to Wordpress soon, so remember to subscribe so you can be updated when we make the switch!
Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pens, Pens, Pens Review!

     Hey guys, just wanted to share some of my most used pens with you guys! I don't have the largest pen collection by far but I do have a few brands in a few different colors :)

( please excuse the spelling for Staedtler, I'm dyslexic and the pic was too cute to redo) 

My Top Pens:

#1: Staedtler Fineliners ! I love these pens there .3mm tip, felt tip with a large range of colors! I have two sets, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 10 pc, and the Staedtler Fineliner 20pc. Both sets include black, red and blue in the same shades, but the rest of the colors pinks, yellows, greens are in different shades so if you buy more than one set you wont get too many repeat colors! They don't bleed and are great for stickers gloss and matte!
Monday, December 28, 2015

Valentines Day Freebie

Hey Guys!
     Valentines Day is right around the corner but love is already in the air :) ! I made 2 free planner sticker printables for you guys! One with more functional stickers and one with just full boxes from a free google search! I hope everyone likes them :) . This is only the first of a few Valentines Day Free Sticker Printables!

      Ive been working on some things so I can do other post for you guys, not just free planner stickers. I would like to do Sticker and Planner Goodies Shop Spotlight, DIY's, Goodie Reviews and Tutorials! 
      This month look out for "My Top Pens" ,  " Happy Planner VS Erin Condren LP " ,  and an Etsy Store Review!
Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Let It Go

Hey Guys!
   Me and Monica did another Collab! We knew after our first duo we wanted to work together again to create a freebie kit for you guys. After all of 5 seconds we decided Frozen was a theme. This winter spread is great for all types of planner even though it was designed specifically the MAMBIE Happy Planner the sizes are 1.5" inches wide so they will fit most planners.


frozen free stickers
Friday, December 18, 2015

Upcycle Your Old Planner Pages :)


 Hey guys this isn't a freebie More of a review/ Tutorial for something I tried that just happen to be the best thing in my plannerAddict life lol. I was sitting wanting to work on my blog but my happy mail with my kiki k. inserts hadn't arrived yet, and I was out of blog inserts. Ive been having SOOO much to do trying to get my blog "Legit" the way I want it, that I simply count not take waiting any longer!

As Dramatic as I could I pulled out my EC and Happy Planner, Decided I wanted to use an old page and do a page of just check list, originally I was going to do a row for each day like most spreads but dedicated for check list, then I thought about it and realized that I wasn't sure of the dates everything was going to get done. So I decided to just use the whole page for 1 week and ...BAMB! best use of an old planner page I could think of!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Years Eve Collaboration

      Hey guys, were betting bigger, more followers, more shares and more printables. With better things comes BIGGER things!

      Todays post is a collaboration FREE STICKER PRINTABLE with my new blogger buddy Monica Marvels, she has a blog with freebies, youtube "Plan With Me's", and a Craft Shop! We met on one of our Happy Planner Facebook groups, and it was Blogger Buddy at 1st comment :) . We both have a passion for Graphic Design, planners, and Making Sticker Printables! So we decided to team up and put together a New Years Eve Free Printable for you all! We both contributed 2 printable pages of decorative and functional stickers! Make sure you check out her set after you download these. And HEY! :) if you were directed here from her blog!

Monday, December 14, 2015

December Giveaway

     Hey Guys, I'd like to start by saying Thanks Everyone for helping me to reach brand new all time highs for my blog!!! The more you guys view, comment, subscribe, and share the more inspired I feel to post more post and freebies for you all! Im always wondering what can I make that you guys might like or need. And the amount of support i'm getting from you all makes me feel like people actually enjoy my printables.I love all my viewers and subscribers you really all inspire me and every single blog post!! #iDoitForMyFollowers :)

  So my way of saying thank you is doing a monthly giveaway!! so with out further a due...  (drum roll please.....)  


A Beauty and the Beast Christmas

    Hey guys I made a Beauty and the Beast Christmas free sticker printable! This the Christmas Beauty and the Beast is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Disney movie! I always loved belle Christmas dress! Here are a few stickers that can help you to decorate your weekly planner spreads for Christmas. And they are still very pretty even if you don't want to use them for christmas just for a regular Disney spread.

    You can use the stained glass rose or the hearts for date covers, with the right washi and matching color functional stickers I think you guys can really make awesome layouts!
Thursday, December 10, 2015

Happy Birthday!

    Hey guys! My little sisters birthday is next weekend and I wanted to get some stickers to decorate when my friends and family have birthdays! You guys know i'm a pink kinda girl so thats the main theme. If your just doing one box, one day, or even a weekly spread these stickers should work! There are more than enough stickers to last you the whole year if you don't decorate like me :-p These will probably last me at least 5-7 birthdays lol.
    You can use the mini cupcakes and balloons as checklist or with a half box to mark someones birthday. I posted a few pics of how I decorated My planner for next week, My sister Starr will be 12 and her favorite color is pink too :) She's having her first sleepover! I also made her a sheet to decorate her planner! Ill post pics of hers on my instagram!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bible Verses

Hey Guys as most of you know i'm a bible believing christian! I haven't posted any christian related stickers in a while I thought you guys might like these. I got the images from Google Image search and added inspiring bible verses! These can be used to decorate you planners, notebooks, inspire you, and just remind you of how Good God is! Hope you guys enjoy!
Monday, December 7, 2015

Keep Warm and Drink Coco

Hey Guys,
     Here is one of the most requested Winter Themes from all my Facebook groups!

        Its a Hot Coco Sticker Page, I did two different color schemes for people who want to use the pages for several weekly spreads. This two page spread includes decorative and functional stickers, All sized boxes, size bars, and more. The two themes include Warm Winter (green and red) and Bright Snow (pink, turquoise, and purple).  I think you guys will like both, I personally LOVE both!  Now even thought its hot coco I think it focuses a bit more on Marshmallows! I mean who doesn't love marshmallows in there Hot Coco! Some of the checkoff boxes are pretty small I did that because some of you like me write small and want to be able to fit a lot in one box.
     I love the different size boxes with the marshmallows, they are SOOOO adorable, they will go over your boxes a bit but they were designed that way!

    One thing

Gold Page Flags! YAY

Hey Guys!
     So I was in need of some page flags and Target never has any good ones if they have any at all! Then when you find the cutest ones, they don't fit exactly and the fall off TOO EASY! This is just the 1st of the series of Page Flags!
    For this 1st page I used Gold I absolutely Love Gold and white, Pink and Black! I love the together in fact my business cards are Gold, White, Pink and Black and I am in love with them! Im a graphic Designer and a Blogger so Thats kind of my brand. Even though my blog layout doesn't showcase them all to well. I haven't been able to find the perfect Blog layout and i'm always too busy to work on it myself... Anyways Im obviously off subject :) ... 
    I think think these Page flags will be perfect for you guys! I use them I go through about a page a week so far between my home/fitness planner, my blog planner, and my
Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rubber Duckie Your The One!

Hey guys,

   I was in need of some bath stickers for the baby. Thought some of you could use some too! These are functional and super cute, if I do say so myself! I added some matching boxes that you can write in with the rubber duckeis. These are made to fit all planners, Erin Condren Life Planners, Happy Planners, Limelife Planners,  Day Planners, and any other planners you gal's might have. I chose 3 colors that might be able to match with layouts for those of you that are like me and need your weekly spreads to coordinate!

    I really appreciate those of you who have been sharing your layouts on Instagram and Facebook! I love to see the creativity you guys come up with! Share away, just remember to send them to this page, please don't share the printable itself!