Friday, November 27, 2015

Winter Part I

Hey Guys!
    I know I was supposed to upload the Peanuts Part II but I saw these these penguins and FELL INLOVE! I also figure I can get more traffic if I leave you guys in suspense so I will release all of the Part Ones first this week and next week I'll be adding all of Part II's Starting next Monday! I hope you #plannersONaBUDGET can use these to make your planners as creative and beautiful as your hearts desire! :)

If your interested in custom stickers feel free to contact me if your interested in purchasing any!

     I think these will be SUPER CUTE for winter weekly and monthly themes! I added a few different size boxes for you guys to use but the Shapes and checklist will be be on Part II. If you guys end up using them PLEASE share via Facebook and Instagram and tag me @planner.PICKETT and #plannerPICKETT !  I would not only LOVE to see how you guys use these but I will also be doing a GIVEAWAY next week! Subscribe for updates, I will have a post with all the info for it in a day or so.

Click Here for Winter Stickers Part II

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Heres a link on how to make your own sticker at home

 tag me on fabcebook or instagram!! I wanna see what you guys come up with !! ( @planner.pickett or #plannerpickett )