Sunday, August 16, 2015

Free Cute Planner Inserts!!

Hey Guys!!

   Im super sorry I've been MIA! My sister had a wedding and we've been traveling ALOT!!

I just wanted to share these planner inserts with you guys!! I do plan on selling some in my shop but they will be a little different. I hope you guys who are on #PLANNERSONABUDGET will be able to use these! I know we cant all afford the beautiful Etsy Inserts but that doesn't mean we don't want our planners to be just as pretty and we aren't all photoshop Savvy. I spent a few days working on these for my planner (a5) after much thought I decided to share them with all my planer buddies and subscribers!

      **To Print:: I suggest you use a5 paper or cut your regular printer paper in half then print, I for the life of me could not get the layout right with space for the holes and with the bleed right. I ended up folding my paper in half then cutting with my trimmer then printing. 

MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE YOUR PRINTER SETTINGS FOR YOUR PAPER FROM 8X11 TO A5!! If you want the inserts in black then you can change the settings to print in black and white only.

Pages you can Download:
  • Monthly
  • Week on 2 pages (vertical)
  • To Do (2)
  • Daiy
  • Blog Planner
ps they are 1.5 wide so most of your stickers should fit! and you can print black and white if you perfer!

                          *****PLEASE SHARE THE LINK NOT THE FILES!!

Hope you guys enjoy!! and if you use them please take pics and tag me FB: Malia Pickett / instagram: @planner.pickett   #plannerpickett . And remember all files are for personal use only!!
                     Here are the links Enjoy!!!

Monday-Wednesday           Thursday - Notes             Misc.                
            pink                              pink                    to do  /  todo (2)
orange                          orange                   blog planner
purple                          purple                        groceries 
turquoise                     yellow                       bill tracker
 green                            green                                         

Month side 1             Month side 2                   Today


Here are some pictures of how I use my inserts!



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  1. On the picture of the planner (one of the first on the top) where did you get the, what looks like Mickey Mouse ears paper clib, and the glasses paper/pocket page? Thanks for sharing your printables.

    1. Sorry for the late reply im not getting notifications but i made it :) i sell them and your welcome :D the glasses are stickers i sell as well email me if your interested

  2. Do you have the Cover printable or file? Would be greatly appreciated