Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Service Notes 7/1

These are pretty late! But better late than never!

   All my service are notes that I've taken at church. Things that ministered to me personally I post them because God put on my heart to share them, because they might be just what someone needs to read. They are not judgement to anyone and are not to offend anyone. They are like I said Notes that Ive taken during church because they ministered to me.

Verses Referred to : James 4:7, Ephesians 6:12

* The bible is not a history book its a present tense book of guid lines on how the Lord wants us to live,  A book of answers to ALL questions we might have, and Medicine to heal ANY hurt, Its a map, A reminder!

* You cant be full of the Lord and full of the flesh/ Wordiness. We cant walk with God Holding hands with the Devil.

*There is nothing good in the flesh it is of the World and it will find an excuse for every sin. We have to PRESS ON and say No!

*Putting on the Armor of God means we have thoughts like Jesus, Knowing the word of God, Praying, and doing his will! It will stop the devil in his steps. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED  when we have on the armor of God!

* When we listen to the holy spirit we can stop ALL problems before them even arise! If we listen to the Lords Directions and Guidance BEFORE we create the problem or and make the right turn before even seeing the wrong turn.

*We cant find Peace expecting things to be solved OUR WAY.  And we cant hear God when we flourish in our emotions. We have to come into the things of God and STAY THERE!

*We cant truly love God till we learn to Love him enough to Trust him!

*While your taking your time getting right with God, learning to walk with him in your "free time", putting him off till your done with what you wanna do REMEMBER!! The Devil IS NOT taking his time,  he's Working HARD to bring you away from the Lord!

*Fill the your home, your car, your work, your MIND, your LIFE with the Lord! Every window you leave open leaves an opportunity for the Devil to get in.

*We have to not only know that we should be dead to Sin and Alive to Christ, We have to implement that!

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