Monday, June 29, 2015

Service Notes 6/28

     Hey guys here are my notes from service. I just wanna let everyone know that this is not judgment onto anyone else. These are notes that I took for myself that ministered to me personally. Im a sinner just like everyone else, but Im working on my walk with God.  And he put on my heart to share my notes because they might minister to someone else the way they ministered to me.

  • When we don't know God we have preconceived notions of him.That brings him down to our level. Giving us the idea that God is a God that we create. Saying we don't believe in a God that would do this or that. Read the bible so that you don't say "you don't think" or "you think" when it comes to God. Read the bible so that you can say you KNOW. Be a bible believing christian!  

  • John 1:1 KJV In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    • Jesus loves all of us equally and wants to do all that he promised for each of us equally.

    • We must seek God first, then we can receive all that he has for us.

    • God DID NOT give this earth and the power to rule over it to the devil. He gave it to Man. We MUST TAKE AUTHORITY! James 4:7 

    • Adam failed because he lived for the moment. We must be careful because one moment can change our life. In one moment Adam was able to bring destruction. 

    • Pray for the will of God, not for what we want. Because its selfish to pray for what we want telling to God to fix our problems our way its not done in love. God will not bless  selfish prayers. Be careful of selective prayer!

    • God has given us the Grace to not only walk with him but to overcome!
    • WE are made kings by him only when we rule the way he commands.

    • Even when the Ark Angel Michael was disputing with the devil he did not slander the devil. When we slander, and put down people, when we hate people we bring ourselves away from God. Even if we are in a dispute. It takes two to tango and we have the Power and the Grace of God to simply day No, end and walk away from the fight

    • In order for things to change WE MUST CHANGE! not the other person. We cant blame them or the situation. We must go to God pray and call on him. Lean on him and he will give you the wisdom and the Glory. Don't let the Devil use our emotions to defeat us.
    • WE cannot wait! We have to pray and press on to the VICTORY TODAY!

    • We must do things Gods way We have to stop trying to figure out things with our own nature and let God give us wisdom with revulation !We create problems being in our own nature.
    • The bible says no greedy person will enter Heaven. In the last days there will be scoffers.  Be in the world but not of the world! People who are of the world think link animals. They do what ever they want without regard for anyone else. Thinking and doing not with love but with selfishness. They live for them selfs, they are liars and manipulators . Remember it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of the storm than for a rich man to enter heaven.
    • Prosperity isn't wealth its knowing that God has control and will provide.

    • Stop ignoring problems, no matter how small because they will grow! Go straight to God! Stop trying to fix things our selfs with our old ways and our old nature. When we are reborn in the Lord we learn to Go to him FIRST!
    If you don't have the Glory if you are not leading others to the Lord, if your not changing for the better and constantly reforming, if your content with your sin then you should be worried!

    Verses Referred to: John 1:1 , Jude 1:3-6, Romans 1:16, James 4:7


    1. Thank you for sharing your sermon notes. It was a blessing reading through them and a blessing to see a young woman speak out for her Lord!

      1. Im glad you enjoyed reading them! I havent shared in a while, Ive been sooo busy, But I know I need to start again!

    2. For God so Loved the World that HE GAVE... Oh how He Loves Us - So blessed to be called out of darkness into HIS marvelous light - praying for lost family members who need Jesus - thanks for sharing the Word - blessings -