Friday, June 5, 2015

Prayer Meeting Notes 6/5

Prayer Meeting Notes 6/5

We can't be Christian at church and be of the world out of church. God has given us his love, blessings and life! But We can't give him 1 day a week 1-2hours a week and expect him to work in our lives.

*We must prep the way for God to work. Have faith in him, be obedient, pray. So that you can receive the many blessings he has for you!

*God is a faithful God, his Word is power and absolute!

The world changes and it is because of sin and worldly lust. But God and his Word never change! He is the same today and everyday as he was 1000 years ago.

*Gods plans for us are for Good and not for evil!

We need to have a mission mind and life, live for God not for our selfs.

*The day that I bless you don't forsake me for your blessings. - when God blesses you don't forget about him because you are to interested in the blessings.

Be one spirit with Jesus Christ. his body, spirit and bone.

Don't put a barrier between you and God with the spirit of the world.

The Lord will give you power to conquer all enemies! We have been given glory from God.

As he is so are we.

Pray for deliverance.

*Pray through it!

*Get with it quickly. Obedience and prompt. - We must obey him and don't put off what he has told you to do. Even if its simply to pray. Pray at the moment God tell you to and pray with a loving heart. Be persistent!

*Who's going to be more persistent? You or the devil?! Words are life and prayer is power!

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