Friday, June 26, 2015

(UPDATED) Sticker Tutorial

Hey Guys Got a lot of questions making my printables into stickers.

Xyron Sticker Maker

    I use to use the xyron sticker maker, Ive made over 100 sticker and still have paper on the roll. It comes with a roll when you buy and i got a ton of use out of it before switching to label / sticker paper! Wal-Mart (in-store) has it for the cheapest (as far as I've seen), but you can purchase it from Amazon as well. I would Google search it on there shopping search option, You never know!. I paid a few dollars for the Xyron 150 "X" (1.5 inches) on clearance, which is perfect for most things that go in my planner! There is one bigger and if I would have had the extra money at the time i would have splurged and got the Xyron Sticker Maker 5" Create - A - Sticker .

    I'm a #PlannerOnABudget and it was the cheapest one so I decided to try it out.I can honestly say it was worth it before I purchased my Silhouette cutting machine!


 Label Paper

      I would also invest in the label paper. Its really preference! If you do I would suggest you know your printer or print a proof sheet on regular printer paper before printing on the label paper. It always sucks to print a bad sheet! Colors and sizes might not always be what you expected and you don't want to waist! I now use label paper with my silhouette machine! Ive tried a few Ill like the ones i liked below! Label paper is great because you can turn any image from the internet or that you create into a sticker! They have both glossy and matte,
I always suggest purchasing a 100pk over a $5.00 pack because you get WAY more for your money!


Printing my Printables on Label Paper Tutorial 

    So to print my Printables its pretty easy! You must have google dropbox which is powered by google and just makes sure that everything you download is safe secure and also allows me to save all my printables on the cloud!
Once your signed in your your dropbox account just click download the file and then once it has downloaded open your downloaded files or a where ever the download was saved and then click file, then print. And WA-LAH :) 

Xyron Tutorial

Here are some pics of me using the Xyron mini on a Hydrate sticker sheet I got from Pinterest. They ended up being a little smaller than I liked so I made a larger one But I decided to Use these for a few weeks and I will be doing a giveaway for these pre-made stickers I did for the pics!  The Process is easy, You put the stickers you would like in the hole like the second pic, then simply pull from the opposite end. like pic 3. After you pull the sticker all the way through, pull to tear off and simply pull off the top plastic sheet. And there you have your sticker.

The Process

The Finished Product

Hope this helped!! Comment, Share, and Like! Tag Me @planner.pickett (instagram) if you buy either of the products!

****** I was not paid or asked to review these products! Just wanted to share my experience with you guys!!


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  1. Hi, Malia! Thank you so much for the sticker tutorial! I'm dreaming of getting a Silhouette Cameo, but until then... Thanks again!

  2. Hi, Malia! Thank you so much for the sticker tutorial! I'm dreaming of getting a Silhouette Cameo, but until then... Thanks again!

    1. I understand!! I was blessed with Mine as a gift from my nana! She thought it would be a good investment for me :)

  3. Do you have a tutorial for using the Silhoutte to do your stickers?