Monday, June 29, 2015

Bills and countdown stickers (page 1)

Hey guys!!
   For anyone who noticed Its after 10pm Sorry Prayer Meeting ran late but just like I promised here are the first page of stickers from the list of request I got from you guys! Today you guys get a Bill and Countdown free printable sheet! Tomorrow will be a Clean House Printable Sheet!! Remember to Subscribe so you get the notification when I add the next pages!  :)

     Remember these are for personal use only!! 
Please Share, Like, Comment, Subscribe and take pictures! If your on instagram Please tag @planner.pickett or FB #plannerpickett !

( When sharing please share the link not the file! The more traffic the blog gets the more freebies Ill make! I need to know that the hours put into the stickers and post are actually being used)

      Bill and Countdown Sticker Sheet!!

Click Here to download the Bills & Countdown Stickers
Remember these are for personal use only!


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  1. Could you make the humpday camels with big cute eyes?

    1. Never seen any before can you link an example pic?

  2. I love these!! thank you so much. I'll be sure to tag you on pinterest when i use them.

  3. Hi!!
    Thanks for the stickers. I just downloaded one and shared on facebook!! :)
    As a blogger, I know where you are coming from regarding the sharing and attributing credits :)
    Look forward to seeing more posts :)

    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate it!!

  4. Thank you, these are just what I was needing.