Sunday, May 31, 2015

5/31 Church Notes

2 Peter 1:1-8
*The things we choose are always good for US at the moment. But in god he gives us chooses that are good for EVERYONE.

Lust is a nature that is never satisfied because it is fallen. But Jesus has given us a new nature to live from.

In the things of God when we know him, we understand that he loves us.

*He has given us a new life. Because our old nature is bound to hell.

There will be battles.

Seek God with all your heart.

The things of God requires transformation and obedience.

Taste and see that the lord is good and faithful.

God will prosper you first inside then outside.

Men shall not live by bread alone but by all the words of god.

*The only place we can find peace is in the word of God.
Disclaimer:: These are my notes from service. I'm sure my grammar is probably off, but God put on my heart that this might be exactly what someone needs to read!

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